Product may vary slightly from image representation.

To ensure a proper fit, these four points should be measured and sent in with your order.

Be sure that the dog is standing straight for measuring.

Specifications: For extra insurance, please include the breed and weight of your dog.

A to B: point A - directly on the breastbone.

Point B: behind the head, right between the shoulder blades.

A to C: point C is the base of the tail.

B to D: point D is on the side of the dog, just behind the rib cage.

B to C: along the center of the back.

Approximate harness sizes:

small S 30 Lbs
medium M 30 - 40 Lbs
medium long ML long back
large L 40 - 55 Lbs
large extra long LXL long back
extra large XL 50 - 65 Lbs dog
extra large extra long XLXL long back
extra extra large XXL 80 - 100 Lbs dog extra extra extra large XXXL over 100 Lbs dog