Traditional ESLA Kick Sled T 6

VERSATILE Kick Sleds have many uses. Take the whole family for winter outings. Use the seat to carry young or old passengers or sit down and rest yourself! Strap on a car seat for the baby.

Kick sleds are used extensively as a winter wheelchair for the disabled and as a walking aid for the infirm. Mushers and ice fishermen have found the Kick sled invaluable. Your imagination is the limit!

FAST On snow or ice, the speed and simple operation will surprise you. You do not have to be an expert to enjoy kick sledding.

SAFE AND SOLID So light and easy to use, the Kick sled weighs only 18 pounds and folds flat for easy storage and transportation. It requires to special maintenance or extra equipment such as bindings, boots etc.

BUILT TOUGH Scandinavian products are known for quality of design, construction and workmanship. The Finn-sled is no exception. Made of the highest quality hardwood, steel and high density polymers, these kick sleds are built to last a lifetime. The attachable seat will carry 300 pounds!

EASY TO PULL - The Kick sled can be your dog’s best friend!

Dimensions:  H 33"   W 17"   L 78"

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